Month: Nov 2019

  • SEM and Backlinks

    Why all websites look the same. What is SEM, how does SEO work and why user experience dictates what websites look like. Full, non-edited transcript by SEO, Backlinks and […]

  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

    Why Skynet won’t get you, yet. What are neural networks and what is deep learning? What it this all about and how does it affect each of us and how […]

  • Metrics and KPIs

    Why Fans Dont Matter. Everyone is going crazy over data and metrics. Be aware of the metrics you are using and how they relate to the need-state of your customer […]

  • Voice and AI

    What is your WiFi password? Voice is the new disruptor. It is going to change our devices, how we interact and what we understand to be privacy. Listen to the […]